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Though outsourcing and offshoring may simultaneously take place, the two differ in terms of location and worker selection. When offshoring occurs, a business moves all or some of its activities to another country. Outsourcing, on the other hand, is the process of utilising third party workers for traditionally in-house business tasks; this may take place either inside or outside the company’s home country. Outsourcing is a common practice that businesses use to cut expenses, gain access to employees with a special skill set, and obtain other benefits. Unlike offshoring, outsourcing does not need to take place in a separate country to occur. Businesses that remain in their countries of origin may seek out local third party workers, resulting in outsourcing. Outsourcing can, however, take place outside of the company’s country of origin as well. Please find on the following pages information about, which services getsix® can provide for companies which do not have their registration in Poland.

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